Designing Appealing Merch

Merch is short for merchandise.  When it comes to creating custom apparel cranbury there is a specific way that you need to do it in order get people to wear and or use it.  With merch some of the most popular items will be shirts and hats.  For most people getting a free shirt or a hat is like winning the lottery.  However, their euphoria will be short lived if it isn’t appealing.


The first thing that you will want to consider is the color of the merch.  In most situations the basic colors of black, blue or navy, white, gray and subtle shades of the above are the most popular.  Colors such as red, pink, yellow, orange and purple are also popular but not as sought after then the prior.


Depending on who you are creating for your size desires may vary.  In general, however having the larger sizes are more popular.  When we have a larger size woman will be attracted to them just as much as men.  Women will want them because they can be worn as night shirts and men will love them because they are comfortable.

custom apparel cranbury

Images and sayings

When creating your merch, the sayings, images and other content that you put on the shirt will be very desirable.  You can start off by putting your company name, logo, catch phrase, website and other information on the shirt.  This can be a great advertising method that doesn’t cost a lot of money and can get you tons of free exposure if you wear them or have others wear them around.

Miscellaneous items

When dealing with merch you don’t want to limit yourself.  You want to basically put your information on everything you possibly can.  Pens, cups, mugs, blankets, mouse pads, shoes whatever you can think of.  When it comes to great promotional material you want to really come up with different ideas, target the product more desired by your target market and produce high quality merch that people will want, use and engage with.

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